Honey O Strawberries – Super sweet berries, great for eating




Bing cherries – dark, sweet and juicy
The Montmorency Cherry (Pie) – bright red, juicy & very tart, used for cooking
Lapins – large, firm, crisp and crunchy, less sweet than a bing
Lamberts – very dark, heart shaped, crunchy and sweet
Rainer – yellow/red in color, yellow flesh, delicate flavor


Early Red Havens – semi-cling, very juicy & very swee
Flaming Fury– firm, less fuzz, great flavor
Late Red Havens – Sweet, Juicy a bit of tang, Freestone, almost fuzz free
Red Globe – excellent flavor, large
Angelus – large, firm, low acid, good for drying


Red Glow Nectarines – red with yellow flesh,  freestone, firm and juicy


Rival – clean, moist, firm, smooth texture, low acidity, mild flavor
Goldrich – large oval, orange flesh, great texture
Moorpark – large, a cut about other apricots, best scoring in taste tests – juicy and aromatic; sweet rich, plum-like taste
Perfection – large, oval to oblong, light yellow-orange skin with a pebbly appearance
Tilton – small & firm, tender, juicy, sweet/tart flavor



Paula Red – slightly tart, makes a pink applesauce when cooked with skins, early apple
Tydeman – good flavor, early apple
Early Gold – slightly tart, early apple
Gala – very sweet
Elstar – sweet/tart, interesting flavor
Honeycrisp – extremely crisp, sweet/tart, a very good eating apple
Jonagold – tart-sweetness
Macintosh – sweet and tart
Empire – keeps better than a Mac but with the same flavor
Fuji – large, very sweet and crisp
Spartan – tart
Red Rome – thick skin, firm flesh, good for baking
Ginger Gold – mild with tart finish
Golden Delicious – sweet, always good for baking and eating
Red Delicious – sweet
Old Fashion Red Delicious – sweet and large
Braeburn – large, tangy and crisp
Granny Smith – very crisp and tart, great for cooking and eating
Cameo – Crisp and juicy flavor, a new favorite among customers
Criterion – very sweet extra large apple, makes a sugarless apple pie




Howden Biggie –
Cotton Candy –

Sugar Pie –
Full Moon –
Mr. Knuckles –
Goliath –



Christmas Trees:

Frasier Fir – The Fraser fir branches turn slightly upward. They have good form and needle-retention. They are dark blue-green in color. They have a pleasant scent
Concolor Fir – These small, narrow needles. They have good foliage color, good needle retention, and a pleasing shape and aroma.
Cork Bark – Resembles the Blue Spruce with softer needles.
Grand Fir – The grand fir is one of the tallest firs, reaching heights of 300 feet. It is easily distinguished from other Pacific Northwest firs by its sprays of lustrous needles in two distinct rows.
Blue Spruce – This Christmas Tree has good symmetrical form and has an attractive blue foliage. It also has good needle retention.
Balsam Fir– It exhibits a relatively dense, dark-green, pyramidal crown with a slender spire-like tip.